Products Overview

Infinity has supported the CSO/CAB model as long as it's been out there. We have created a daily settlement report which is something you'll need in order to operate as a CSO or CAB.

Third-party lenders want reliable CSOs, and our solution allows you to be just that. It's a benefit to you and enhances profitability for you and your clients. One of the strongest features in this solution is the reporting system. The Infinity ELS program allows you to customize your reports to third-party lenders however you, and they, would like. Your settlements can be uploaded instantaneously daily or weekly.

As a CSO/CAB Lender, here is how Infinity can help you succeed:
  • Automated collections processes with a debit/credit card and/or ACH integration
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Auto-Dialer and Text Messaging Collections
  • And much, much more!