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Infinity's platform is where power meets simplicity.

Infinity has the power to automate daily operations, reduce overhead and increase your customer base… with the click of a button. Find out how Infinity can support your vision… and your success.

Loan Products

Are you a choice-of-law, licensed state-by-state, a tribe/sovereign model, CSO/CAB, offshore, province or a multiple license lender? For over a decade, we have built the industry's only all-in-one lending software.

No matter what your business model, Infinity can support your vision… and your success.

We have built the industry's best solution for Payday loan management. Our Business Rules Engine will meet your exact lending model and grow along with you.

Schedule ACH transactions and reminder messages for automatic payment processes.

Follow-up reminders will keep your CSR's on-task when working customer accounts.

Refinancing a loan is as easy as clicking a button.

Infinity is built to manage your Payday loan product no matter where you are lending.

Infinity has provided lenders the tools they need to succeed with Installment Loans for over a decade.

Customize interest-only, balloon… any type of installment payment schedule possible.

Produce any imaginable payment schedule to accommodate a customer's pay frequency.

Assign multiple tiers of interest and never worry about miscalculations.

Use our underwriting rules to automatically deny customers based on your lending standards.

Create payment schedules based on your lending model with ease. Never let your software hold you back again.

The Infinity solution for Line of Credit loans gives you the flexibility to meet state laws while still offering your customers the product they want…and need.

Control everything from grace periods and billing cycles using Infinity's advanced [features].

Automate your payment collection with our debit and credit card integrations.

Create customer incentive programs and track their efficacy using Infinity Analytics.

Infinity gives you all the tools to succeed for Title Loan products.

A fully customizable collateral engine allows you to determine the names and quantity of loan collateral.

Upload documents directly to a customer's profile in Infinity. This way you can always have an electronic copy of a Title available for your records.

Maintain a complete electronic profile of your customer: driver's licenses, pay stubs, auto titles—house these in your Infinity software.

With Inifnity, you have the option to lend on more than just auto loans.

In 2013, the Merchant Cash Advance and short term commercial lending industry funded over $3 billion to small businesses and that number is only growing. Let Infinity take your business to the next level with our total solution to your short term commercial lending needs.

Seamless Debit/Credit card integrations, Infinity out-performs any other short-term lending software for small business lending for both secured and unsecured business loans.

Fully customizable reports will give you real-time statistics on your business performance.

Our reports also create custom marketing campaigns which you can track using Infinity analytics.


Loan Management

Our platform manages all types of loan products, both brick and mortar and online.


We automated the three most powerful marketing tools so you can reach more potential customers.


Built to manage—and automate-- all aspects of the debt collection and recovery process.


Built with the guidance of CPA's who work in the Short term lending Industry, never face an audit unprepared.


Infinity business analytics delivers valuable insights to your portfolio performance.


Accurate, powerful real-time reporting; Infinity gets you in the know… now.

Lead Management

Monitor and compare the performance acquisition cost of your leads by lead source.

Data Monetization

Turn unwanted leads into an instant source of revenue.

Dash Boards

Our dashboards empower you with an intuitive monitoring so you can know every detail of your business.

Mobile Technology

We use the most advanced mobile technology to increase your profits without increasing operating costs.

Text Messaging

Our fully integrated text messaging technology cuts the cost of text messages by up to 50%.

Auto Dialers

Our dialer technology will dramatically increase your ability to process loans, make collection calls and conduct marketing campaigns.

Vibrant community

The Infinity Enterprise Lending System has been perfected for over a decade with the input of hundreds of lenders around the world. Their years of diverse experience with various loan products in stores, online lending and sovereign nation lending has helped make the Industry's only total solution. Combine this with a community of lenders who help each other and you have maximum success.


Industry-leading support

At Infinity we not only pride ourselves on providing the best software in the Industry. We also provide you with the best support team. This goes far beyond just someone to answer your call; it includes a complete online knowledge base, online training programs and a full video library.


Beyond exceptional software

Designed for the short term lending industry, Infinity is the complete software solution. Unlike other software companies who provide only partial solutions, our experience guarantees you'll get a total solution with Infinity.