Products Overview
Grow your business with Infinity's advanced business tools:
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Customer incentive programs
  • Business and Data Analytics
  • Advanced text messaging and dialer integrations
  • …and so much more!

Infinity has been providing lenders the tools they need to succeed with all types of Installment Loans.

Our comprehensive installment engine allows you to customize countless loan programs.

Our Business Rules can configure any imaginable payment schedule to accommodate a customer's pay frequency.

Assign multiple tiers of interest easily and never worry about miscalculations.

Use our underwriting rules to automatically deny customers based on your lending standards.

Our comprehensive installment engine allows you to customize an unlimited number of loan programs.

Here are just a few of Infinity's specialized features for Installment lending:
  • Countless interest calculation possibilities
  • Flexible underwriting rules
  • Automated payment schedules
  • Maximum loan amount based on customer income